About Us


CABLEMASTER is a registered trademark of SKANDIA. Under the CABLEMASTER brand we now have three factories under licence to manufacture our range of cable. We strive to manufacture a wide range of world-class electric wire and cable. Our main products are co-axial cable, DATA communication cable, control cable, computer peripheral wiring, HDMI/display port cable, power cable, housing wire and amour cable.

CABLEMASTER factories are certified ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 manufacturers. In order to deliver quality products, every little detail counts. We pay attention throughout the whole production flow from performing incoming Quality Check on all incoming raw materials, to inspecting on every production phase by our QC team, to the final Outgoing Quality we employ sophisticated machineries in processes including copper rod drawing, thermoplastic compound mixing, physical dielectric foaming, high-speed braiding, multiple core assemble thermoplastic extrusion. Our team of knowledgeable technical engineer’s teamed with high-end testing equipment ensures our products are top-notch. We guarantee our products meet customer’s requirements by carrying out in-house physical tests such as ageing, bending, flame retarding, smoke density, water penetration, abrasion, extreme temperature, etc. For electrical requirements, our products are tested with a variety of equipment’s including an advanced Agilent Network Analyser E5071C (up to 8.5GHz) and Agilent Time-Domain Reflectometer 86100C. All of our products meet the EU RoHS and REACH environmental regulations since 2004. To ensure our products comply with Australian and NZ standards we use TUV Rheinland and SAA Approvals to independently test our cables.

The CABLEMASTER Team are fully committed to excellent service, quality product and competitive pricing we are able to achieve this through the long term relationships in our supply channel. Many were established in the early 1980’s.


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