Networking DATA Cable (UTP, FTP, STP)

With the growing popularity for high speed internet, networking cables are becoming a large part of CABLEMASTERS production.

With the application of Ethernet and voice connection, Cat 5e and Cat 6 CAT6A and CAT7 CAT7A cables demand are overwhelming.

At CABLEMASTER we are supplying the highest quality data transmission networking cable available. Our cables are built for speed. With a full range of capability in place, we follow the world standards, we mainly manufacture Cat 6 UTP, Cat 6 FTP, Cat6a U/FTP, PIMF Cat 7 and Cat7a S/FTP cables up to 1200MHz, all with Delta EC Verified certificates, a significant step we have achieved, which means we are taking the leading role for the LAN cable manufacturing.
Patched cable leads with different length can also be offered.

Our communication cables (UL444, including LAN Cables and Coaxial Cables) have got the UL certificate for CM, CMG, CMR and CMP type. It is also important to remember that the ratings are hierarchical. See table below.

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